General lines of CEPD NV Group HR and social policy

The main objective of CEPD NV Group social and HR policy is to involve highly qualified people and make the best use of the theoretical and practical knowledge of the Company's personnel for making a stable profit through competitive pharmaceutical distribution markets in Europe.

The key elements of our social and HR policy are:

  • High quality, professional personnel in all levels of organization
  • Competitive and fair remuneration
  • High ethics and responsibility
  • The role of HR in the organization
  • Training, development and cross border best practice sharing
  • Equal opportunity
  • Social dialogue
  • Importance of local management


In CEPD NV Group we implement:

  • Recruitment policy:
  • The proper recruitment techniques are used depending on level of position, region, best practices. Effective and fair recruitment rules are key factors to attract and retain best professionals.
  • Adaptation plan:
  • New employees are motivated from first day of their work by introduction programs, direct supervision and in house training.
  • Retention policy:
  • The key retention factors in Group companies are: motivation, open communication, personal development opportunities and promotion of talents.
  • Potential development
  • Both education and potential are monitored and supported in improvement by HR departments and managers using modern and effective HR tools
  • Team building activities:
  • CEPD NV companies trust in effective team building programs both in work place and on special training and events organized by employees for employees.

In each CEPD NV Group company the management is reporting numerical and quality parameters illustrating the HR strategy performance minimum on quarterly basis. Once a year HR development plans are prepared by local country management. This plan is part of business strategy and monitored by Companies’ Supervisory/Management Boards.


Remuneration includes base/fix salary, variable pay, social and other benefits. Each CEPD NV Group company follows the Compensation Policy taking into account profitability, individual performance and relevant market practices.

  • Base/fix salary
  • The role and contribution of the person to the strategy execution and results of the Company is highly important for both fix and variable part of remuneration. In addition, the complexity, scale and risks of the Company’s activities as well as personal factors, such as education and level of experience, are factors which are taken into account when determining the fixed part of the remuneration.
  • Variable pay
  • CEPD NV promotes the use of incentives and MBO (Management By Objectives) bonuses wherever justified. At management levels, the variable component of the remuneration is more important. The variable remuneration is earned based on the achievement of specific and challenging individual and collective targets. The Company intends to apply stock option plans for key managers where and when applicable.

CEPD NV compensates its employees at the relevant market level and will conduct regular market surveys in order to ensure its competitive and correct positioning. Compensation structures are to be kept simple in order to avoid unnecessary complexity.

Based on input of local human resources management the variation of remuneration systems is possible but always based on principles mentioned above.

The remuneration level is kept confidential and both Company and employees respect local laws in this area.

High ethics and responsibility

CEPD NV is establishing Code of Ethics as a set of rules of conduct applicable to particular areas of our business. The Code of Ethics contains a set of core values translating into particular behaviors and attitudes related to relations with clients/patients, relations with local communities and relations with employees. Employees performing jobs in pharmacies are covered by sector professional code of ethics additionally.

Each employee is responsible for the client’s satisfaction and high quality of service. Both internal and external clients are treated with full professionalism and responsibility. Managers are responsible for employees and their performance, relations with clients, business results and proper level of entrepreneurship in all levels of organization structure. All employees are responsible for good image and recognition of Company and brand names.

The role of HR in the organization

Human resources managers are business partners to line management and employees to ensure business success through motivated high-quality people. The HR function, its motivation and appraisal systems, training and development processes are in place to support effectively the business and to assure fair treatment of employees.

HR management:

  • supports the organization by providing adequate policies, effective tools and systems and ensures their consistent and fair applications
  • identifies, promotes and implements best HR practices across the organization
  • ensures effective and truthful communication with all employees
  • provides assistance, guidance and tools necessary to select, retain and develop adequately qualified employees
  • drives and coaches for change throughout the organization
  • develops and utilizes modern tools in motivation schemes
  • supports a multicultural environment with employee diversity.

CEPD NV expects its human resources managers to display their professional skills and coach other managers to perform best HR practices in their daily work.

Training, development and cross border best practice sharing

The policy is to have well-trained and highly knowledgeable staff. In an annual appraisal and development review between employee and manager, strengths and weaknesses are assessed against the required skills and competencies. This review results in a development plan with concrete measures and actions.

The responsibility of people development lies with three partners: the employee, her/his manager, and the human resources manager. Various types and methods for developing employees are applied in CEPD NV Group companies:

  • on-the-job training and internal trainers
  • classic classroom training
  • e-learning
  • coaching
  • project assignments

The priority is to develop and use intensively cost effective tools as e-learning.

Special care is given to identify, develop and prepare talents at all levels for greater responsibilities within our organization.

The Company uses the opportunity to identify and share best practices between the markets, Group companies and sales units. Special attention is given to this practices and this solution is promoted between managers and employees.

Equal opportunity

CEDP NV guarantee equal opportunity by developing and promoting individuals' talents and skills, regardless of their personal characteristics. The Company aims towards a long-term work relationship. The Company take care of the employees commitment to adapt to constantly changing requirements through professional reorientation, continuous learning and mobility.

Besides the relevant skills, experience and above mentioned competencies, no consideration is given to employees’ origin, nationality, race, religion, gender or age.

CEPD NV develops the skills of all employees to create high levels of motivation and performance and to allow them to reach their full potential.

Social dialogue

As a principle, it is the local management which takes care of all the industrial relations at the appropriate level. CEPD NV acknowledges the freedom of association of its employees and the right to collective bargaining within the framework of local laws. Aiming at the long-term success of the company, CEDP NV communicates with all its employees on a regular basis.

Importance of local management

CEPD NV identify the role and presence of local management as key factor of success in business development in various markets. The knowledge of local business and customers, local law regulations and specific environment is an added value in performing pharmaceutical distribution on the markets. The Company use professional skills of local management to share the best practices across other Group companies and believe

The local management model is applicable in mergers and acquisitions performed by CEPD NV Group companies and human factor is always recognized as key factor of business success.