DOZ SA takes over pharmacies from PGF Group

On the 17th February 2011, Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna (Polish Pharmaceutical Group) entered into the last stage of division into wholesale and retail sections. As a consequence, DOZ SA took over pharmacies from PGF Group and increased its competitive advantage as the biggest pharmacy group in Poland.

The pharmacies - previously managed by 4Farm, a part of PGF SA Capital Group- were taken over by DOZ SA, the subsidiary of the CEPD NV, following the strategy of dividing Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna into wholesale and retail sections, managed by the CEPD NV seated in Amsterdam.

The acquisition of pharmacies taken over by DOZ SA was started by Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna before the CEPD NV Holding was established, and came to the completion last year. Expanding the network of pharmacies owned by DOZ SA up to 652 agencies is the next step to strengthen position of Pharmacies “Dbam o Zdrowie" on the Polish market.

The group of pharmacies under the takeover operates all across the country, with the biggest concentration of agencies in Silesia and Pomerania and in provinces of Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Podlaskie and Wielkopolskie. The takeover contributes greatly to expanding network of pharmacies owned by DOZ SA.

Before the takeover, the pharmacies operated as partnerships to Pharmacies “Dbam o Zdrowie", under the same logo. Therefore, most of them participate in loyalty program “Dbam o Zdrowie", online pharmacy, marketing programs and accept payments by way of ePRUF cards. In order to support full integration, acquired pharmacies will consequently apply standards relevant for DOZ SA, such us common pricing policy, purchase policy, marketing policy, merchandising, warehouse management and alike.