The primary strategic goal of CEPD N.V. is the dynamic development of retail pharmaceutical network in Europe, both stationary and online, providing the best customer experience off and online. In the years to come, the company will continue its activities focusing on the following areas:

  • Continue strengthening the competitive position on the existing markets and expansion of the retail operations. The plans of the company assume the implementation of state-of-the-art automated solutions to strengthen e-commerce presence and improve clients’ satisfaction, as well as continuation of omnichannel development, fast track digital transformation and own brand development.
  • International development strategy, aiming to develop a strong modern retail pharmaceutical distribution network in Europe, in particular with e-commerce development.
  • Expand on European market including bringing CEPD Group’s experience, knowledge and know-how to new pharmaceutical markets.

CEPD N.V. is proud to describe itself as an ambitious company thanks to its dynamic and high-level professional teams, and as a modern company, which uses integrated technology and processes in CEPD Group’s warehouses and for deliveries, implementing upgraded IT-solutions and modern technology.