• Potentail expansion direction
  • Current presence

The primary strategic goal of CEPD NV is the development of retail pharmaceutical sales network in Europe. In the years to come, the company is going to focus its activities on three basic areas:

  • further development of business on markets, on which CEPD NV has been already operating,
  • international expansion into new European markets,
  • achievement of significant synergies resulting from the effect of scale.
  • Further development of business on markets on which CEPD NV has been already operating expand

    One of the strategic priorities of CEPD NV is the significant strengthening of competitive position on the existing markets. Long-term plans of the company assume dynamic development of sales network and Internet platform both on the Polish and Lithuanian markets.

    The CEPD NV’s goal is to supply patients with the highest quality of pharmacy services and broad range of affordable products based on multi-channel distribution platform and modern shopping environment.

  • International expansion into other European markets expand

    The strategy of CEPD NV is based on the acquisition of entities running operations in the area of retail distribution of pharmaceutics in Europe. In 2011, CEPD NV updated the strategy of international development and extended the area of searches for targets from the region of CEE to all of the Old Continent.

    CEPD NV’s flexible approach to the issue of international expansion assumes also the possibilities of merger with other entities conducting distribution in Europe and the creation of joint groups of companies.

    CEPD NV verifies its strategy of foreign development on an ongoing basis, monitoring constantly situation in different markets of the region and strictly following the changes in macroeconomic conditions.

  • Achievement of significant synergies resulting from the effect of scale expand

    A consistent expansion of the distribution network enables to achieve important synergies resulting from the effects of scale. The goal of CEPD NV is to maximize these benefits both in terms of income and cost.

    In terms of income, the strategy of CEPD NV assumes gradual, but significant, strengthening of the purchasing position of the company in the future years.

    In terms of costs the company plans to achieve measurable savings, resulting directly from the scale of conducted operations. The cost optimization may be achieved thanks to implementation of standard solutions related to operations of pharmacies and support functions, common programs and marketing activities, IT solutions as well as uniform standards of repairs and equipment of the pharmacies. CEPD NV has been achieving measurable benefits in this area.