• CEPD N.V. is an international holding company responsible for development of the retail
    pharmaceutical distribution network in Europe
  • Each countrywide retail chain is operated by a designated business entity
  • CEPD N.V. acquired Natura drugstore chain, as part of the company's strategy of diversification of its activities and strengthen relations with clients in the Health&Beauty sector

Corporation of European Pharmaceutical Distributors NV is a holding company registered in the Netherlands, responsible for the development of the pharmaceutical retain network and management of operating activities in different countries.

CEPD NV is among the leading retail pharmaceutical distributors in the CEE region. The company conducts operating activities based on multi-channel distribution platform combining physical pharmacy outlets with modern distribution channels, such as Internet and SMS pharmacy, in three European countries: in Poland, Lithuania and Great Britain. In the coming years, CEPD NV plans to implement this model on other European markets.

CEPD CTP BV was established in December 2011. The primary goal of the company is to develop a comprehensive range of private label products and to identify target brands for exclusive distribution within CEPD NV network.


Drogerie Natura is one of the largest chains in the Polish cosmetics market. For over 20 years we have been meeting the customers’ expectations, constantly adjusting the offer to their needs. Among the products available in our stores you can find a wide range of leader brands and exclusive cosmetics. Currently, Drogerie Natura has approximately 280 stores located throughout the country and has one of the biggest online drugstore in Poland: www.drogerienatura.pl.


DOZ S.A. is the leading pharmacy chain in Poland and one of the largest in Europe, unified under the Dbam o Zdrowie brand. The pharmacies managed by DOZ S.A. serve several million patients a month. In its day-to-day operations, the company wants the Dbam o Zdrowie pharmacies to be associated with professional pharmaceutical care, a wide range of products and services, commitment to disease prevention and health awareness initiatives as well as promotion of knowledge in the field of pharmacy and medicine.

DOZ S.A. also operates the leading pharmacy portal as well as the SMS pharmacy, which allows patients to check the price and availability of drugs, locate the nearest Dbam o Zdrowie pharmacy and submit an order on the website www.doz.pl.


The Lithuanian company of CEPD NV is UAB NFG, which is also the leader on the market. UAB NGF associates together 341 own pharmacies under two brands: Gintarine Vaistine and Norfos Vaistine. Additionally, UAB NFG serves a chain of 127 partner pharmacies under the brand BVG, while 6 pharmacies are franchise. Apart from sales in the segment of pharmacies, CEPD NV operates also in the field of distribution of pharmaceutics to hospitals and wholesale stores.


CEPD NV manages DOZ pharmacie in London, which belong to DOZ UK Ltd. The pharmacie’ offer is directed to both Polish emigrants and local inhabitants through a quick access to professional pharmaceutical care, the possibilities to use free consultations both in Polish and English languages as well as a wide range of products and services related to health protection.