A glimpse into the heart of DOZ Direct warehouse

A glimpse into the heart of DOZ Direct warehouse

End of August 2023, CEPD N.V’s board members and colleagues had the privilege of visiting the state-of-the-art pharmaceutical warehouse, DOZ Direct. This experience showcased not only the dedication of our team but also the critical elements that make a pharmaceutical warehouse a cornerstone of success.

In Łódź, our subsidiary DOZ S.A. has not only built a warehouse but also has created a hub of excellence that embodies the team’s commitment to the highest standards of our pharma business.

CEPD N.V. wants to extend its warm thanks to DOZ S.A. for the visit of DOZ Direct warehouse. We also would like to thank CEPD N.V. ‘s board members and colleagues who joined, as well as the entire team for their tireless efforts in maintaining this exemplary facility.

Together, we continue to make a positive impact on healthcare in Europe.