LloydsApotek changing name to DOZ Apotek

LloydsApotek changing name to DOZ Apotek

In autumn 2022 LloydsApotek changes its name to DOZ Apotek.

DOZ Apotek will continue to offer well-known brands, but will also expand its product range and provide everyone with advice for a better health. “At DOZ Apotek, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can afford better health - through affordable products, accessibility and better advice, we want to create the best possible health for the greatest number of people.

As Sweden's newest pharmacy, we now aim to help everyone afford better health through our expertise and experience and with a wide and surprising range of services and products.

For us, it's about holistic health - not about diets and workouts, but about helping as many people as possible, based on each individual's circumstances, with good advice and affordable products, to feel a little better than yesterday, and lay the foundations for the future.”

Stig Tornell – CEO